Keynotes and Speaking

Will Thalheimer has keynoted at dozens of conferences, bringing a vigorous mix of research wisdom, practical value, audience engagement, humor and fun.

Known for his research on learning and real-world practical insights, Dr. Thalheimer seeks first to understand the audience’s needs and perspectives.


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  • Research-based learning design
  • Smile sheet design and deployment
  • eLearning design and development
  • Subscription learning and microlearning
  • Learning measurement
  • Learning myths, misconceptions, and misinformation
  • Situation-based learning design
  • Learning research and wisdom for conferences
  • Learning research and wisdom for trade associations
  • Using questions to boost learning
  • Spacing learning over time
  • Realistic practice
  • Feedback to learners
  • Instructional objectives
  • Scenario-based questions

Speaking Experience:

  • International Society of Performance Improvement
  • American Society of Training and Development
  • E-Learning Guild
  • Canadian Society of Training and Development
  • Training Solutions Conference
  • Chicagoland Learning Leaders
  • Children’s Hospitals Exchange
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Industry Trainers Conference
  • Training Conference
  • ITTC Conference
  • Questionmark
  • Isotrain
  • Microsoft
  • Intermountain Health
  • UNUM
  • Salem State University
  • Tufts University
  • MIT
  • ISPI Armed Forces Chapter
  • Association for Multimedia Communications
  • Documentation and Training
  • New England Learning Association
  • Distance Teaching and Learning
  • Masie’s Learning Conference
  • PCMA
  • AACE
  • AAOS

Testimonials from Audience Members:

“Excellent presentation. Provocative. Interactive. Interesting. Best session of the conference for me.”

“This is the best session I have attended so far! Engaging, useful information presented in an interactive and humored way. I loved that Dr. Thalheimer had such a great sense of humor. Obviously, he is very knowledgeable and skilled. Thank you!”

“Very thought provoking and well done.”

“He’s great. I always attend a ‘Will Session.'”

“Charming passion. Thank you.”

“Outstanding! Love the research base, tempered by experience.”

“Thanks for leading the charge to use research productively in practice!”

“As ever insightful, engaging, inspiring. Thanks for delivering another outstanding presentation Will.”


“Excellent. Best presentation I’ve attended at the conference.”

“Great speaker. Relevant and engaging. Best seminar so far.”

“This was an excellent session and provided me with executable inexpensive information I can use right away.”

“Fabulous presenter. Have him do an annual something on research summary.”

“Great stuff! Got to the point quickly!”

“Excellent job and excellent material.”

“Very personable and engaging presenter. Lots of good info! Good use of humor, kept my attention.”

“Great session. Very informative and well presented.”

“Good research/data with practical application.”

“I have not rated any other workshop as highly as this workshop. The best, most useful & stimulating workshop I’ve attended at this conference.”

“Best workshop of the conference.”

“This was the best presentation I sat through all week! Recommend as encore presentation. I was completely engaged.”

“Outstanding!! Best of show!!”

“The best presentation so far.”

“Excellent presentation on a research topic which any one involved in e-learning should know.”

“Best I’ve attended!”

“Awesome. Only good speaker I have seen so far (w/ good content).”

“Excellent session where facilitator practiced what he preached.”

“New information!!! Great delivery!! Best session thus far!!!!”

“Great presentation, good citing of studies and real-life applications. Thanks!”

“Best session I’ve attended this week”

“Excellent presentation. Humor incorporated in the presentation made the information not only insightful but also enjoyable.”

“This was one of the best sessions I’ve attended. Bring him back to other conferences!”