Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to buy the book?

  • Buy it here (by clicking on our secure website link). You’ll get it fast, and you’ll support Dr. Thalheimer’s research and writing! Also, with the author’s generous discount, we consistently offer the best price on the web!

Are volume discounts available for bulk purchases?

  • Yes, you can earn a 20% discount buying 5 to 20 books! Use code WT20.
  • Want to buy more than 20 books for an even greater discount, contact me at

Is the book printed on acid-free paper?

  • Yes, we designed the book top-to-bottom as a premium item.

Why should I buy the book here instead of elsewhere?

  • By buying the book here, a significantly larger percentage of your purchase price goes to the author—supporting his research and writing efforts. Also, with the author’s discount, you’ll get the best price here!

Is it safe to buy the book here?

  • Yes, absolutely! We are partnering with, which utilizes the highest levels of eCommerce security.

How quickly will I get my printed book?

  • Shipments to the US and Canada will take from 3-10 days depending on the shipping method you choose.
  • International shipments will take from one week to two weeks, or longer if you choose the slowest option.

Is the book any good?

  • Yes! It is a fine, fine book…
  • Note however, that the author’s 12-year old daughter, after looking at a proof of the book while sitting with her dad, said, “I don’t think I’ll ever read your book. Sorry!”

I heard that the author is funny. Is this a serious book?

  • Yes, it’s a very serious book!
  • On the other hand, humor is injected here and there, as is poetry and danger and sex (well, not sex exactly and not poetry exactly, but sort of, which is okay…).

Who is the publisher?

  • Work-Learning Press, which is an imprint of Work-Learning Research, Inc., the author’s research-and-consulting practice, is the publisher.
  • By utilizing Work-Learning Press to publish the book, the author maintains control of the publishing process, protects intellectual property, maintains the integrity of the information, and better supports his research and writing efforts.

What if I have trouble ordering the book?