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Hello! I’m Will Thalheimer and Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form is my book. I wrote it to help folks in the learning field get better data and better feedback about their learning interventions.

As I write in the book, more than any other practice in our field, smile sheets have done the most damage. They prod us to think that our learning interventions are better than they are. They give us poor feedback. They hurt our decision making.

Scientific research looking at over 150 studies has found that traditional smile sheets are not correlated with learning results! You could flip a coin and get better data!

Fortunately there is hope. By redesigning our smile sheets from the ground up — based on the scientific research on learning — we can get meaningful data. We can use that data to make better learning-design decisions, create more effective learning, better help our learners, and get radically improved learning results.

I know you’re going to love this book. It will not only help you transform your smile sheets, but you’re likely to have a good time reading the book as well. My 12-year old daughter tells me I’m not funny, but I guarantee a laugh or two…

Let me encourage you to buy the book here at This will help us keep our hard-earned money in the learning field, providing a higher percentage of proceeds to me as the author, supporting my research and writing efforts. When a book is bought online at one of the major booksellers, they keep about 50% of the price you pay, money that isn’t invested back into the learning field. Thank you!

And one more thing! I’m offering a special author discount through this website only. Look for the Buy-the-Book page!

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