Learning Audits

Learning Audits enable learning professionals to get valid feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of their learning interventions. Learning audits help organizations maximize the benefits of their learning efforts, whether those efforts are classroom-based, elearning, mobile learning, or on-the-job learning. Will Thalheimer has pioneered the use of research-benchmarking techniques in organizations large and small. To learn more about his learning audit approach, click here to go to the Work-Learning Research website section on learning audits. Or, visit the website to download a free research-to-practice report that describes how to build a learning-audit competency for your own organization.

Subscription Learning

Subscription learning provides an intermittent stream of microlearning nuggets to those who are subscribed. These nuggets can involve a great variety of learning-related events, including content presentation, diagnostics, scenario-based questions, job aids, reflection questions, assignments, discussions, etc. Nuggets are short, usually presented in less than five or ten minutes. Nuggets are intentionally scheduled over time to support learning, often utilizing research-based findings related to the spacing effect. Currently, Will Thalheimer is helping clients boost their learning results with subscription-learning approaches. He’s also gathering exemplars and advocating for subscription learning at

Workshops and Other Learning Experiences

Will Thalheimer provides workshops onsite or online on various topics. His workshops are always designed to share research-based wisdom through practical recommendations, examples, and discussions. To learn more about his workshops, click here to go to the Work-Learning Research website section on workshops.


Will Thalheimer is also available for short or long-term consulting engagements. To learn more call 888-579-9814 or send email to